Events and entertainment in Sardinia

Conviviality, tradition and fun. After the labour there is always the time for socializing, connected to the earth, hospitality and relax. We offer any type of solution to make sure your event will turn as unique, guaranteeing all the comforts and success for each event. 

The organization is direct, without intermediaries: we start from the concept study and we continue with the design of the project, the production, the logistic, and to its achievement.

The whole planning is customized. We offer from cocktails to banquet, to go to shows. Not only entertainment: cocktail by the shore in exclusive locations, catering, coffee break, buffet, true banquets. But also, traditional dinners with folk groups, dancing and traditional costumes from the Island. 

We guarantee high quality services, competence and customized solution for who chooses Sardinia as their destinations. Thanks to our twenty-year-experience, we can assist you professionally in each stage of the event, making it unique, engaging and appealing.


LOCATION – Spotting the right place is fundamental: we search the most suitable solutions and we pick the most exclusive facilities, creating the best framework for each event without missing originality.

HOSTESSES and GUIDES - Hostesses and stewards play a crucial role on the event success. We choose our professionals according to their best skills, specializations and languages. The tour-guides are all officials and follow the guests throughout the excursion and other tours of the event

TRANSFER – Our transfers are complementary to the events and they are organized in every detail. 

EQUIPMENT – We take care of the lighting, audio amplification, videos and information technologies. We design and create original settings up: the arrangement of each element (such as lights, furniture, flowers) is calculated in an accurate way in order that the whole is in line with the event style.

CATERING and BANQUETING – We choose the most suitable location, as well as restaurants, typical café, the best menu. 

ENTAIRTAINMENT – shows and entertainment are ideal to make each event as special, and at the same time DJ set and live music engage the guests. Besides musical accompaniment, we offer folk groups with traditional dancing and costumes from Sardinia.

INTERPRETERS – We offer the support of interpreters in the major languages and in the different fields. We guarantee the high-knowledge of the interpreters. 

GRAPHICS and WEB – We can provide further service to guarantee the success of the project. From the graphics to the signs/posters, up to the dedicated web, with all the tools for the organization, communication of general information, multimedia galleries for photos and videos. All the products are exclusive and enhance the event style.



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